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When you get your 1st 2 PAID enrollees,

EXAMPLE: (1) one on your “Left” on (1) one on the “Right”

In YOUR first MONTH – you MUST then work with

them to duplicate 2nd MONTH PERIOD!

Everyone MUST follow the EXACT

same procedure. “NO MATTER WHAT IT TAKES”

or you MUST replace them for someone who

can duplicate.

My question to you is?

Will you find just “2” of your best of friends

who would invest $60 per month in their

HEALTH, and who just might want an extra

$500-$2000 per week income?

Then, would you help them find just “2” of their

best of friends who would want the same?

Let’s IMAGINE what would happen over

the course of time?

Here’s what could happen to you!

(for illustration purposes only and does NOT denote

any actual earnings from anyone exactly at this point)

MONTH 1 = 2 earns $0 cycle bonus

MONTH 2 = 4 earns $0 cycle bonus

MONTH 3 = 8 earns $20 cycle bonus

MONTH 4 = 16 earns $20 cycle bonus

MONTH 5 = 32 earns $60 cycle bonus

MONTH 6 = 64 earns $140 cycle bonus

MONTH 7 = 128 earns $280 cycle bonus

MONTH 8 = 256 earns $560 cycle bonus

MONTH 9 = 512 earns $1020 cycle bonus

MONTH 10 = 1024 earns $2040 cycle bonus

MONTH 11 = 2048 earns $4080 cycle bonus

MONTH 12 = 4096 earns $9160 cycle bonus

MONTH 13 = 8192 earns $18,320 cycle bonus

MONTH 14 = 16,384 earns $36,640 cycle bonus

(16,384 x $60) DIVIDED BY $540 PER CYCLE X $20.00 CYCLE



Let me ask you SOME thought provoking questions?

What IF it took you 28 months instead of 14 months?

would you quit?

Would you be upset?

What would YOU be willing to invest to get to

1/10th of this or $3608 per month?

Would you live in a different home?

Drive a different car, truck, van, sport utility, boat or plane?

Would you travel differently?

Would you SLEEP in until you WOKE UP?


Help your favorite Church or Charity?

Wear different clothes?

Eat at different restaurants?

Pick up some NEW Hobbies?

Bring your spouse home from the JOB? (JOB = Just Over Broke)

Send your children to better schools?

Or just hang out at the beach, mountains, Las Vegas, sporting events,

concerts, Disney, plays, etc?

Help a family member in need?








WHO GOT “2”!




Note: What if you had quit in month 7?
Because you worked hard ALL those
months and you only made $280?
Or worse yet quit after month 2!

You just hadn’t been patient enough
to let your geometric growth occur!

Last Note: Why wait a month to get your 2?

* This is just a hypothetical example. We make no income claims. Your income is totally dependent on how smart and diligently you want to work!

What’s Possible with a Vemma Business?

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Verve-Logo-OrangeUnlimited possibilities! We don’t place any barriers ahead of you; we let you determine your own success. Achieve goals like obtaining financial freedom, receiving rewards and recognition, having more time for the things and people who matter the most, enjoying flexible schedules, and taking the opportunity to be your own boss and define how much or little you want to make. If you can dream it, you can achieve it!

Since our start in 2004, the Vemma mission has remained strong — making a positive difference starts with people helping people.

No matter your experience or your education, our rewarding business model takes a simple, more social approach. When you share the product, share the business and help others do the same, we reward you directly just by leveraging your social network.

So if your dream is to run your own business, get out of debt, earn a secondary source of income, exchange the traditional 9 to 5 for your own schedule, or all of the above, Vemma’s business opportunity can help you achieve it. Now is the best time to make a change and choose to live to your full potential.

It’s about you, and we are ready to show you the way.

Contact me now:

Twitter- @KaufmanQuinn


Vemma 2.0

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Whether or not you’ve been thinking about joining Vemma or this is the first time you’ve ever came across this opportunity, you really should check out this video about what is happening until December 31st plus why 2014 is about to be one of the craziest years this business has ever had! Things just keep getting bigger and better!

Truth Behind Vemma

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The truth is being spoken, are you going to sit back and let other people get wealthy or are you going to do something about it! When are you going to wake up and realize the economy is never going to recover and job security is only going to get worse. Join the movement! We can help you become financially free.


Twitter: @KaufmanQuinn

Home Business Success Strategies

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Taking your network marketing strategies online is a wise move. It takes a lot of hard work to get done. You will then wonder where to start in increasing you profits.
Treat network marketing like a real, professional job. Clean yourself up every morning and dress like you were headed into work, because you are, in a very real sense. Even if you plan to work at your computer all day, this will give you a professional feeling as you work, while allowing you to go to a quick meeting if necessary.

Do not neglect spending time with your friends and family to get some stress out and keep a healthy relationship with them. You might have to spend a little more time working on your business in the beginning, but as you start to see money coming in, you may be able to spend time with your family.

When planning for an emergency, take what you spend each month and multiply that by nine. With network marketing, you can make that much money with money to spare!

You should always treat network marketing like a business. If you are trying to get rich only putting in a couple of hours a week, it will never happen. You will have to put in a lot of hard work and effort to prosper at network marketing. You have to make a promise to yourself that you’ll work extremely hard every day, and you’ll be well on your way to success with network marketing.

Don’t invest in your friends and family, but do invest in new clients to make money with your network marketing campaign. Your goal in network marketing is to generate new customers and leads. You have limits when focusing on your inner circle of family and friends. If you bring in clients that you do not know, they may be able to hook you up with others and this will expand your possibilities considerably.

Never have a face to face network marketing meeting with a lead that lasts over 45 minutes. This will show the person you are trustworthy and have some level of success.

Avoid slacking when it comes to implementing these network marketing strategies, because the resulting errors can be quite serious. Put in the necessary time and effort to build a profitable marketing campaign. When you have chosen to create a quality work product, you will likely see great results.

Be a leader in your network marketing activities. Use your creativity to create a campaign that stands out. Doing things the right way will attract customers in droves and cause your competitors to copy you. Do your own thing and never try to be like anyone else.

Before investing any money check with the BBB. There are many legitimate companies out there, but there are also many bad ones. Make sure you are making a good investment before you just start. Check the BBB for feedback on the company you want to investigate, and look for signs of any problems.

As you consider different networking opportunities, opt for one that sells products that interest you. If you are genuinely interested, it will come across to your customers, and may translate to them being more interested.

If you have made the decision to get into the network marketing business, make sure that you know what the compensation rates will be before you enter any agreement. This might be the most important thing to think about when starting out. When you are sure of the amount and frequency of your payments and any other advantages you might have coming to you, it makes it easier to commit significant time to the task at hand.

Having a blog on your website can provide all those who visit your site with relevant updates about your operations, especially potential customers. Your customers will enjoy the convenience, which makes them more likely to buy your products in the future. You can post articles on your blog that promote and drum up interest for new services or products.

So, as you have seen, it is true that implementing these network marketing strategies requires a lot of research and a lot of work to start bringing in the profits. You will also find that continued efforts will gain you the most profits. Remember the tips covered here to help ensure your success in this endeavor.

Tips To Become A Professional Networker

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To many of us in the business world, networking is common sense. Exchange a business card here, attend a happy hour there. But do you think to network even when you’re at the grocery store or the gym? Do you follow up with your newly formed relationships after the business card exchange has taken place? Melvin Murphy, author of It’s Who You Know! Creating Alliances and Partnerships through Networking!, shows how networking is a valuable but calculated process. In this article, Murphy provides pointers for those who want to excel at the art of networking to improve the bottom line.

Networking is a strategic part of doing business and is more than just receiving a business card at happy hour. Networking is about consistently developing and managing your relationships in and outside the work place. I learnt that the key to managing any worthy business relationship is to be proactive. Taking action to make things happen keeps business relationships growing. Here are some suggestions to help you become a professional networker:

  • Keep your name in front of people. In this fast-paced, electronic-driven world, it is almost guaranteed people will forget your name. Find a public relations vehicle that will keep you and your service constantly on their mind.
  • Follow-up with contacts. There is nothing worse than taking the time and effort to call or send an email to someone and then not getting a response. A simple e-mail, voice message or handwritten note will positively influence your reputation and the opportunities you receive.
  • Practice the art of reciprocity. You know the old saying, “you get what you give.” If you are connecting people and making introductions without expecting anything in return, you will eventually benefit from your generosity. Help others because you have the power to do so.
  • Be ethical in your dealings. The fastest thing that can ruin your reputation and destroy relationships is being unethical. When referring someone, make sure you really know that person. Practice good listening skills. How do you listen? Some people listen emotionally. Some may hear you talking, but not listen to what is being said. When networking, pay attention to the person in front of you, take notes if you have to, and show eye contact.
  • Always be genuine—and modest. If you or your company is highly successful, there is no need to brag or boast about it.
  • Make gratitude a part of your attitude. The words “thank you” and “please” go along way when used accordingly. People like to do business with respectful people, and they like to refer people who will not embarrass them.
  • Constantly network. Business networking is about making long-lasting friendships. Learn to make networking a natural part of your life. Professional networkers never take a day off. They can spot an opportunity where one exists, and they create an opportunity when one is not obvious.
  • Always have a positive attitude. If you had a long day at work or received terrible news, don’t go to an event with a bad attitude. You may not think people can recognize it, but they can, and that could cost you possible business opportunities. People have long memories when their experience isn’t positive.
  • Be self-aware. Business networking is an organic process, formed and reshaped depending on who you meet and the relationship you want to build. Know your limits of what you can offer and what you will accept from others.
  • Finally, Make yourself available. What location or event will achieve the highest level of exposure? Keep up-to-date on conferences and seminars that will make you more valuable in your field of work. These types of events can only advance you in your career and are the perfect place to make new contacts.