This Is Truly a Heartbreaking Story– #StopBullying

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Daniel Briggs was a typical high school boy — but he was bullied, relentlessly. So much so that after receiving a text at 2:18, he killed himself. His mom tells the heartbreaking story…


Why I Hate Society, But Love Humanity

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Here’s another great video from Jamie Dunmore. I can totally relate to what he’s saying and I’m sure you can or are in the process of doing so if you found your way to my page.

Like him I was completely ignorant and naïve with tons of confidence. I “tried” acting the way society wanted me to “act”. I tried my hardest to believe what society wanted me to believe but I just had way to many questions with absolutely no answers. All it did was bring feelings of pain, depression, and confusion. I seriously thought I was crazy there for a bit (well maybe I am but a good crazy lol). It took me along time to fully start thinking for myself but once I got over the hump I’ve never been happier.  Isn’t it weird how it’s weird to talk about real life stuff like this to say maybe your mom. dad, or some close friends? But, hey I’ll just let my boy Jamie take it from here: