Inside The Mind of Jaxon Cota: An 11 Year Old Genius

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11 year-old Jaxon Cota looks like a normal boy, but he has something hiding within. That is, he is probably smarter than you, and most of us.

Cota was admitted to MENSA two years ago at the age of 9 after scoring 148 on an IQ test. That score was good enough to put him in the top 2nd percentile of all people on the planet.

Jaxon has a special affinity for numbers. He was able to read numbers up to 15 digits by the age of two, into the quadrillions. Now, he does high school level math to challenge himself when he’s bored.

He also is adept at math competitions. He was nearly perfect at MathCON, a national math competition for students in grades 5-12, where he placed 7th out of about 45,000 students.

image“Numbers have always just kinda stuck out to me,” the boy told NBC in a recent interview. “There are just so many things about numbers that are fascinating and so many things to learn.”

“There’s a rhythm to numbers,” said Jaxon’s father, Matthew Cota. “And just something about that is, in a weird way, very simple for him.”

imageOn the surface, he is a boy who loves to play baseball. Below the surface is the science. ”There is just naturally a lot of thinking that’s involved with it,” he said. “There’s statistics and where you have to be on each play.”

The boy is talented enough to skip grades, but both he and his parents choose to stick with his age-assigned grade levels. Regarding skipping grades, he says: ”It’s not something that I’d want to do, because I wouldn’t be able to do the things I love like play baseball or hang out with my friends.”

He is now in sixth grade, where he receives advanced instruction to keep him challenged. His parents believe that it is important that he grows up with his peers.

“Kids that are profoundly gifted are pigeonholed to be one way,” said Lori Cota, Jaxon’s mom. “He’s four years old and he can read, he can do all these things, but he can’t tie his shoes. There are things in every grade level that you need to learn.”

Check out the in-depth coverage of Jaxon Cota in the video below!


If You Judge A Fish By Its Ability To Climb A Tree, It Will Live Its Whole Life Thinking It Were Stupid

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I started this blog awhile ago thinking I was going to start this right up, gain a ton of followers, then never have to work again in my life because I would just be traveling around making money while I blog with other sources of income coming in from other online sources. Boy, oh, boy was I wrong! Lol. Nothing worthwhile is ever just handed to you unless you were born into a rich family or you won the lottery but to me there would be no point in life if you’ve always had everything handed to you on a silver platter. You would be missing out on so much that life has to teach you. This is just from my perspective of course. I’ve had many ups and down. From being one of the most popular kids in High School starting Varsity Basketball in a small town where we were pretty much idolized by everyone. To going in and out of jail for a period of time because abusing drugs was the only thing that made me forget all the pain I had building up inside me. I’m not going to go through my whole life story in one article nor do I need any sympathy. All that pain is a thing of the past and I’m finally to the point where I’m completely in control of my emotions. I am only telling my story in hopes to help a few other people find their happiness that they deserve. So here we go:

What I started to realize really fast was that a lot of the shit they was teaching us in High School had nothing to do with actual life. How was filling my brain with complete bullcrap like how Christopher Columbus discovered America, shared a meal with these Native people, so technically he didn’t discover it. Then a little while afterwards they ended up killing off an estimated 100 million Native Americans so they could get land, politics, power, and even a significant part for religious reasons as Christians went throughout the country killing anyone that didn’t convert to Christianity.

Ohhh, I went to a Catholic School grades 1-8 by the way so this really slapped me in the face. I could never figure out why Christians, who were supposed to be acting like Jesus, were killing people for complete nonsense.  But it was all I knew and what was acceptable around my area. Saying you weren’t a Christian in any type of form was taboo and you were to have your head chopped off on the front lawn at the court house while everyone laughed, ate popcorn, and drank some beer. OK OK, I’m just JOKING! But in a sense it sure felt the same. So, I went with it not really understanding why. Was always told that I just needed to have faith in these murdering hypocrites who are so wealthy that they could put a serious dent in the whole world hunger issue if they actually tried. I was also told to stop asking so many questions because it was just the way it is. Really SUCKED so I just wore this whole jock I don’t give a f*ck mask!

By the time my Junior and Senior years rolled around I was so fed up with the High School scene you would barely ever see me there. I had all my classes set up to where I only had to go to a few everyday. Just had to make an appearance every once in awhile so I wouldn’t get caught. Once 6th period rolled around though I snuck right out the school’s doors and was gone for the day. Out messing around doing things I shouldn’t have been doing, of course.  I really have no idea how I didn’t get caught sneaking in and out of school everyday or how I never managed to get into any serious trouble until after I graduated in general. I mean there was a few times the Dean of Students caught me on my act back in. It always ended up with me saying, “I don’t know what you are talking about.” To him yelling, “Kaufman, I’m not fucking stupid! I just watched you pull back into the parking lot.” It was to the point where if I was in school and you couldn’t find me it was probably because I was in the office for, “Something I had no idea what they were talking about” Lol. Towards the end of my stint in High School right when all of us started pulling our senior pranks. I decided to ride a bike through the halls with someone on the pegs screaming out stupid things, I just can’t remember what we was exactly shouting out now but I reassure you it was something really stupid. Well, that got me called down to the office immediately. Papa Sweet (The Dean of Students) said, and this is my summary of what he told me, “I’ve had it up to here with you Kaufman, we have 3 more days left and you graduate and I’ll never have to deal with your shit again! I swear if I see your ass back in here one more time I’m going to suspend you and if you miss one more day you’re over the limit. You’ll have to deal with me for one more year!” That kind of put things into perspective, 3 more days and I’m done with this shit. I can do this!

Well, to keep the story shorter, I broke into the school with some good friends the next night. (One of my buddies dad’s was the Athletic Director and another one’s dad was the Gym Teacher, keep that in mind if this starts sounding like a fantasy story I made up lol) We ended up wheeling our school’s wooden mascot all the way up to the roof so that when everyone pulled in the next day they would all see the Titan man towering above them with his lightening bolt in his hand!

Prank for the history books! Graduated with a 2.8 after my teacher literally threw some D’s on that Exam. She knew I was hopeless for ever giving a damn. Just like good ole Papa Sweet didn’t end up making me come back for another year for disobeying him, he actually got a good chuckle out of it lol.

So, what’s the moral of this whole story? It basically just describes me being a complete asshole with no respect for my authority figures? Correct! But deep within all this nonsense and rebellion it’s also saying that you can’t teach a fish to climb a tree. To me High School was jail and a huge waste of time. Only reason I stayed in it and tried to keep decent grades was so I could play basketball and keep my mom off my ass.

Everyone is different so they need to be taught differently. Don’t try to hammer geometry and algebra down my throat while I already know I’m never going to use it. Five years later I barely remember any of it. It’s not that I deliberately was trying to be an ass, it’s that I felt like I was being bombarded with loads of bullshit everyday just to waste each others time.

Teach people how to be creative, how to unlock their true potential, or how to even just be happy. Teach them how to be human, not just to be some pawn in a game that will help benefit this broken system we keep trying to make go around. I feel like we’re wasting all this potential and it’s just waiting to be unleashed! I’m not placing the blame of my actions in the past on anyone but myself. I was an asshole.. also really stubborn. Just suggesting that maybe if someone would have took the time to understand where I was coming from instead of trying to squeeze me into the mold. Things could have been different. I really just want to help that next youngster whose thinking outside of the box to see that not everything inside the box is true. Science is always being proven wrong and so are our ethics. We just gave women the right to vote and ended slavery not too long ago. Oh, and racism still exists in 2015 but that’s just the least of our problems. Sooo yea you see my point. I really wonder how many Einstein’s, Tesla’s, or Martin Luther King’s our broken system has let slip into the mold without unleashing that someone’s true potential. This is supposed to be a team effort not an individual battle that we’re supposed to overcome by ourselves. We’re all just too scared to make the change for better for some reason. Ask more questions! Wake Up, Be You, And Thrive! Follow me on Twitter and Instagram @QK_Thrive and have a great day!

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